Loft conversion specialists

Loft conversion specialists 

loft conversions ideas



Today many people are finding it beneficial to work from home and loft conversions are a great way of giving you space to make this happen. If you have a minimum head height in your loft space it is possible to have a loft conversion giving you the space and freedom to work from home. Your loft may be of traditional construction or a trussed roof. Using a Loft conversion specialists is the best way to convert your loft. It will give you a high quality place to work quietly.

Your loft can be converted into one or several rooms one of which could be dedicated to office working. Imagine a fully fitted out room with full desk space instead of using our lap top on the sofa. Furniture for office lofts can be made specially to fit your particular room size  or standard kitchen units can be used to provide you with  a base and the storage you may need. Use standard counter top as your desk or a  quality solid wood top can be easily sourced. A suitable chair  would be required in your loft conversion to give you a good sitting position and may be a small sofa to use if you are chatting on the phone. This could be a sofa bed for that unexpected guest!

Today with the technology available full computer facilities can be installed, wifi makes this so easy.

Working from home is known to give you a better work/life balance, it is ‘family friendly’ and will fit in with domestic arrangements. It will lead to lower stress levels which will give you higher productivity. Many companies are promoting such working for part of the working week as this gives them reduced overheads and happier staff morale. Companies are also thinking staff working from home is a way of managing their carbon footprint supporting their corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Loft conversions Guildford

Loft conversions Guildford


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There is a great variety of properties in Guildford which are all suitable for loft conversions. The only requirement is for a minimum height to be two meters.

Guildford a lovely town and many people do not every want to move from where they live. The main reason for having to move home is lack of space for a growing family. With a loft conversion this can be completed in around six to eight weeks. The main types  are

  • Dormer loft conversion – involves a rear dormer
  • Roof light loft conversion – this type of conversion involves no main roof conversion
  • Hip to gable loft conversion – if you have a hipped roof semi or end terrace

If your property is in the right position then why not make to most of the wonderful views over Guildford by adding a balcony to the conversion.

If you have tanks in the loft then these can be relocated or your boiler can be replaced, or you can have an un – vented cylinder fitted. If your boiler is replaced then you will probably be making a saving on your heating costs in the long term as new boilers can be far more efficient than older ones.

A loft conversion will add around  25% to the square footage of your home. If you consider the size of your loft conversion will be the perimeter of your home.

Guildford is a large town in Surrey in the South East of England. It has still retained much of its historical charm. A short walk up the cobbled high street shows many buildings which are hundreds of years old. The medieval castle was used by the King of England in the 1400s and because of this Guildford is the only royal town in Surrey.







London Loft conversions 2014

dormer loft conversion21 july 2010 021London Loft conversions 2014

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21 july 2010 021

London loft conversions in 2014 will be a real investment. Think of the increase in space this could create in your home. Also with property values increasing almost daily this is the year in which to have a London loft conversion carried out.

Touchstone Lofts will provide a full planning service, free quotations and  all the advice you need to help you make your dream home even better and bigger.

London has been named the city with the best real estate investment opportunities last year which has overtaken New York. Any increase in the size of your accommodation in your property will add significant value.

Are you wasting all that space in your loft by cluttering it with junk, not to mention all those Christmas decorations you have just stuffed in the Loft.

A simple but attractive set of stairs could lead you to a large bright new bedroom with as much storage space as can be arranged but in an organised way. Fitted cupboards, wardrobes and special storage of all those shoes you may have jumbled around in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Remember this is the year of London loft conversions 2014.

Loft conversions London

Loft conversion Richmond





Loft Conversion South London

Loft conversion Master bedroom and en-suite South London


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small and compact

Recently Touchstone Lofts has completed a master bedroom loft conversion South London in Lambeth together with a grand en-suite.

This has given the property the largest and lightest room in the house and created a luxurious double bedroom, wardrobe and storage space together with en-suite.

The bedroom has been fully fitted with wardrobes giving full length hanging space and even a wardrobe with double hanging rails and shelves. The wardrobe doors are all mirrored to reflect the light especially when the sun rises in the morning. The views are wonderful too.

The eves have been cleverly designed to use the space to fit drawers flush with the wall to maximise space and leave plenty of walk around area within the bedroom.

The en-suite has been designed to ensure sufficient headroom has been allocated for such items as basins, shower and of course the WC. Having the en-suite fully tiled with a full double sized walk in shower gives a feeling of space. The twin sinks have are set into a unit with storage space underneath. As any space is so valuable in South London properties the door to the en-suite is sliding. Ventilation in an en-suite is requited to meet Building regulations and is provided using an extractor fan which is fitted with the ability to provide both background and rapid extract ventilation.

Loft conversions in London




Loft conversions Reading

Loft conversions Reading


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Uses of for a loft conversion

  • Master or guest bedroom with en-suite bathroom or shower
  • Children’s playroom and computer area
  • Teenage den
  • Office for working from home, built with all IT requirements
  • Cinema room
  • Gym area
  • Bedroom and living area for dependent relative
  • Balconies can be added to some loft conversions to increase outside living space
  • Extra space for hobbies
  • Games room
  • Music room – special soundproofing can be added

Reading is a thriving town in Berkshire. Located West of London and well connected from the the M25 motorway from the M4 motorway. Reading has a good variety of property from Victorian terraces, lots of houses built in the 1950 and 1960′s. There are an abundance of new estates with lots of trussed roofs.

Loft conversions Reading are a move that will add value to your property.

Touchstone Lofts have been converting loft in Reading for a number of years. Loft conversions in Reading are very popular as the  property market is hotting up. “Rightmove” the national property website today suggested that house prices would rise by 8% in 2014. This has been regarded as  a difficult but realistic pill to swallow. Household incomes are not rising and property prices continue to rise. Soon there will be a generation who simply cannot afford to get on the property ladder.




Loft conversions London – reasons to convert

Loft conversions London – reasons to convert 

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loft conversions ideas

Reasons to convert your loft space in London

  • Increases to the value of the property can be 20% to 25%
  • Provides extra living space with many versatile uses
  • Can create up to 30% of extra space in a property
  • Planning permission not always required
  • Can be completed with minimum disruption to daily life
  • Increases insulation to the home
  • No need to have the upheaval and cost of moving home
  • Lofts with 2 meters headroom or more can be converted


Across London we are currently in the grips of a property boom, prices are rising weekly, most house viewings are conducted as open days, prices are set as offers ranging from 10 15% of the estimated value. Home improvements tend to soar under these market conditions as homeowners want to invest in their homes as adding a Loft conversion in London will make you money.

The ripple effect will mean that prices will rise across the country, it normally reached the Midlands and the North in eighteen to twenty four months from about now. Most property booms will last around 7 years when the value will normally double and then drop back. They key is when to join in or face missing the boat. There is already a generation priced out of the South East. These young people will never afford to buy in London.


Loft conversions Chelsea

loft pic

Loft Conversions Chelsea


Touchstone lofts are always working in Chelsea. Loft conversions Chelsea are very popular as every loft space is worth over £100,000 if an en-suite is added. All the work is always done to a very high standard.

Many parts of Chelsea  are designated  as conservation areas so there are restrictions to what loft conversion alterations can be made. Chelsea  planning department have received a number of planning applications from Touchstone lofts and we have been successful on all our loft conversion planning applications. This is because we talk to the planning department  before we send the planning application in. We can also do a pre-application which can determine what we can do with the loft conversion in Chelsea.

A Loft conversion Chelsea will require the following process-

  • initial no obligation visit
  • plans of what we can deliver provided
  • full and detailed quote with full specification
  • contract provided
  • planning application if required
  • report on planning as required
  • once planning has been agreed a start date is set
  • works commence
  • completion date

Touchstone lofts can cover the whole process and do a turn key operation , we can do all the decoration and storage cupboards.

Fire regulations are an important factor in any loft conversion and Touchstone lofts will make sure the regulation is applied sensibly so no ridiculous over bearing regulations are applied.

Touchstone can undertake the full plumbing for your home from a new boiler or heating system to  full ensuite supply including tiling.



Loft conversion in London

Loft conversions in London

Double dormer-Chiswick

Loft conversions in London

A Loft conversion in London  is a very important consideration when deciding on whether you want to  invest in your home , a loft conversion in London can be an essential building project if you are serious about making the most of your home and your investment.

A loft conversion can be carried out if you have a loft in a house be it a terraced, semi or detached, a flat, a maisonette, infact any roof space as long as you have headroom of two metres and of course if you own the loft space.

We have recently carried out many loft conversions in a variety of London areas such as Putney, Wimbledon, Fulham, Hammersmith, Morden, Kingston upon Thames, New Malden, Marlybone, Battersea, Lambeth, Willesden, Queeens Park, Richmond, Twickenham, St Margarets, Barnes, Colliers Wood, Clapham, Balham. Loft conversions in London.

In some cases if you are converting a loft in a house or a flat, two rooms and a terrace can be built ,this can be done under permitted development and planning applications. depending on where your property is located. Touchstone lofts can advise you on your options.

as property prices in London are currently rising at around 10-15 percent a year , a loft conversion will add around 10 to 15 percent , depending on your property type and the size of the conversion.

The most important factor when a loft conversion is carried out is of course the quality of the loft conversion. A good loft conversion is well planned using a structural engineer, and is well designed.

A good loft conversion design will ensure that from the very outset design has been considered.


Touchstone lofts are the the only loft conversion company that can carry out a loft conversion where there is a ridge height of two meters. This is because we understand design.


Loft conversions London




Loft conversions London

Loft conversions London


Loft conversions London are now very much on the up as the Housing market has changed in London.

Without a doubt it is now a sellers market in London . A variety of factors have contributed to this current situation where house prices are rising at around 10-15% per annum. These factors include-

  • Lack of property on the market
  • Government incentives for first time buyers has created confidence in the London market although the take up of the scheme is not directly the reason for price rises in London
  • Russian, Indian, Italian and Greek buyers, seeking a safe place for their cash
  • Low interest rates
  • Indication from the new Governor of the Bank of England that interest rates will remain low for a few years
  • A general return of confidence in the economy


Investing in a loft conversion in London property is now more productive as the price for space has risen and will continue to rise for the forseable future.

History has shown that house price rises in London usually ripple out to the rest of the country and will cause similar rises in property values in the rest of the country over the next 18 to 24 months.


Loft conversions London



Olympia London National home Improvement show

Olympia London National home

Improvement show


Touchstone Lofts will be exhibiting at the  Olympia London National Home Improvement 2013 at the Olympia exhibition centre. The event is on 27th to 29th September 2013.


There are a variety of exhibitors at this growing event in West London.

Whether you are looking for a home improvement project like a loft conversion or extension, this show will be an enjoyable day out.

Other products include Kitchens, bathrooms, interior design, garden design and home products.


There are also a variety of  expert shows and seminars to inspire your ideas.





National Home Improvement Show