Loft conversion’s why ?-Britain’s houses are the smallest in Europe

Loft Conversions- we need more room in our homes

loft conversions



Britain has the smallest houses in Europe and this is a fact. if you look futher than Europe, the biggest houses are  Australian followed by American.

We have the smallest land mass in England and more people per square mile, almost half that of our dear French neighbours.

The average house in the UK is a three bed semi and the third bedroom is usually a box room. This room is normally a young child’s bedroom. As the child turns into a teenager the room becomes too small.

A loft conversion is the perfect tonic. It can provide you with a large bedroom with an en-suite.

Usually there is no loss of room as the stairs go over the existing stairs.

A room of around  five metres squared is easily achievable with an en suite.

All the storage is not also lost as you keep the eaves for all your storage.

What is the ball park, this I get asked all the time, well a loft conversion from Touchstone lofts is going to cost around £18,ooo to £24,000 depending on complexity of job.

The room could also be for a number of other uses- a home office, a spare bedroom for the grandchildren or family, friends visiting.

The reason why bigger houses are more expensive in the UK is that four bedroom plus houses are much rarer .

Builders feel they can put a premium price for the 5 bed 3 reception home that an average family could easily fill because of the high land prices, not to mention the planning policy. The  big building companies tend to build bigger houses where the area is more affluent and set the price significantly more than similarB  3 bedroom houses.  This  makes it very expensive to move from a three bedroom semi to a four or five bed house without parting with a kings ransom.

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