What is the minimum height required for a loft conversion?

What is the minimum height required for a loft conversion?

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When customers ring Touchstone lofts our staff will ask you about your loft ridge height. This is the height from the ceiling  joist to the apex of the roof of the loft space.

For Touchstone lofts the normal minimum required height is much smaller than most loft conversion companies.

The normal minimum height required is around 2.4 metres for most loft conversion companies. This is around the average height for a typical room, newer houses, built since 1980′s have a floor to ceiling height of around 2.3-2.4 metres whilst older Victorian house can have heights of up to 2.7-2.8 metres.

The starting point is however very important is it may not be the finishing height you are left with in the loft, there a reasons for that.

Most loft conversions require steel for the floor and ceiling structures, especially if you have a trussed roof. This can raise the floor height by 20-30cm, quite significant if your are starting with 2.1 metres. This does not include the floor joists, floor boards and final floor surfaces, like underlay and carpet, adding some 10cm more. This is only half the picture as the headroom will also be reduced with new rafters, insulation, plaster-boards and plaster skim- reducing head height by a further 10-15cm.

Head height you start with is therefore crucial especially if you are starting with a low ridge height.

Touchstone Lofts are experts when working with very low starting ridge heights and have done many loft conversions that have a starting ridge height of 2 metres.

Touchstone lofts have the expertise and professional techniques, which we have mastered so we can still make your loft conversion work with even a low starting ridge. We have recently converted a loft that had a starting ridge height of 2.16 metres, the finishing head height was 2.09 metres.


Contact Touchstone lofts, the loft conversion experts if you considering converting your loft, whatever your ridge height no other company can provide you with the expertise and technical know how that can provide you with the best design and layout for your loft conversion.


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